Welcome to Rambling Caravan! Our journey began in 2014 when our founder, Susan, embarked on a transformative walk along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. During this soul-searching adventure, Susan, a registered nurse, felt the urge to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. With a backpack full of curiosity and a question to the universe, "What can I do?" the resounding message she received was to follow the light. Determined to create her own path, Rambling Caravan was born.

Inspired by Susan's free-spirited nature and love for travel, our name pays homage to her gypsy soul. Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we hand-pour our candles in small batches using a unique blend of soy and coconut wax. Our commitment to quality extends to our lead-free cotton wicks and carefully curated fragrance blends, which are free from parabens and phthalates.

Embracing the spirit of adventure and novelty, we frequently change our scent offerings at the discretion of our skilled chandler. With one candle jar capturing the essence of the ocean in Virginia Beach, while another embodies the rich notes of tobacco and whiskey, we celebrate the diverse experiences life has to offer.

From our humble beginnings, we now proudly ship our candles to 30 different countries and all 50 U.S. states, spreading the warmth and enchantment of our scents worldwide. While Susan remains at the helm, leading with her passion and vision, she has been fortunate to have a dedicated team by her side. These invaluable members have played an integral role in shaping and expanding the business, ensuring that we continue to provide exceptional products and service to our cherished customers.

Wherever you find yourself, whether it's the comfort of your own home or the excitement of exploring foreign lands, our hope is for our candles to ignite inspiration right where you are.


The Rambling Caravan Team


CEO & Founder


Susan is the CEO and founder of Rambling Caravan and a woman of many facets. A dedicated mom and grandma, she balances her roles with a diverse set of passions and skills. As a registered nurse, she brings compassion and healing to her work, which extends to her herbalist and perfumist pursuits. Susan's adventurous spirit drives her love for travel, while her creative side finds expression through her fascination with candles. When she's not steering her company, you'll often find her on hiking trails, connecting with nature.

Sales & Marketing Director


Brooke is the Sales and Marketing Director at Rambling Caravan, continuing her mother, Susan's legacy. Virginia Beach native and educator with a Master's from Old Dominion University. Juggling roles as wife, proud boy mom, and caring dog mom, while finding joy in travel, design, and poolside relaxation. This year, Brooke transitioned into the family business, merging tradition with a forward-looking approach to drive growth and success.

Production Assistant


Rachel was born and raised in Virginia and currently resides with her family in Virginia Beach. After working in childcare for fourteen years and being a nanny for three years to some amazing kids, Rachel joined our Rambling Caravan team as Production Assistant. When she's not pouring candles, Rachel loves to read, hike, paint, and crochet anything from jellyfish to cardigans.

  • Susan hiking the Camino de Santiago.

    A Long Walk

    In April of 2012 I left Virginia to start a long walk across Spain called the Camino de Santiago, the Way of St. James. The body of St. James, apostle...

    A Long Walk

    In April of 2012 I left Virginia to start a long walk across Spain called the Camino de Santiago, the Way of St. James. The body of St. James, apostle...